Who We Are?

PayeeBux, RH is located in SriLanka. The project was launched in May 2020 as an initiative to promote the continuously-expanding paid to click with crypto.

The main activity of PayeeBux, RH is earning money on cryptocurrency advertising. We trade Bitcoin and altcoins on the most popular exchangers. Our activities also include Bitcoin & Altcoin advertising.

PayeeBux, RH for Advertisers


Our platform helps advertisers to promote their websites & crypto currency project by displaying directly on the websites to our members. (FREE Ads)


PayeeBux, RH for Members


Every day all over the people are seeking to earn extra income through online.
We think viewing ads (Paid to Click) opportunity should be open to everyone. no need to invest to get paid.


It cost nothing to register and you can start earning…

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Our Team


Our team is made up of extremely talented and knowledgeable individuals with high standards for our work.

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